Gustafson Eco-Friendly Practices

Stewards of the Land

Farmers are the original "stewards of the land."  Gustafson milk producers make their living from the land and in most cases, they live on the farm. Dairy farmers utilize management procedures that keep the water clean and the land healthy for their animals and their families.

Dairy farmers protect the environment in many ways:

  • They replenish what their crops take from the land.  This is often in the form of animal waste that contains many valuable nutrients. 
  • Many farms recycle animal waste in the form of compost which is then sold for landscaping and gardens.
  • Dairymen and dairywomen who supply milk to Gustafson's LLC are some of the largest, most efficient recyclers.  Cows in this area of Florida and southern Georgia are fed byproducts of manufacturing including citrus pulp, brewers' grains, cottonseed and cottonseed hulls. Tons of these and other byproducts would end up in landfills. Instead, these are used as feedstuffs for dairy cows and are converted into milk.
  • In northern Florida many dairies are members of the Suwannee River Partnership. This group is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Suwannee River water resources.

Gustafson's LLC & the Environment

Gustafson's LLC is committed to protecting the environment. We pride ourselves on providing a quality natural product that is produced and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner. 


Producer Level


For information regarding our producers please read "Our Farming Family" segment. You'll learn how carefully the producers of Gustafson milk foster the environment of the farms where they work and live.


At the Milk Plant


At the Gustafson milk plant, recycling is a key practice of the everyday routine. All materials used at the plant that can be recycled are, including:

  • plastic used to make the packaging for the milk products
  • corrugated cardboard and plastic bags 
  • shredded paper from administration

It all is part of Gustafson's conscious effort to do our part to keep the earth healthy.


Gustafson's Role at the Consumer Level


Gustafson's efforts to protect the environment don't stop when the milk leaves the plant.  At schools, Gustafson milk is delivered in individual re-sealable plastic bottles. Partnering with dairy promotion professionals, colorful recycling bins with the slogan "Drink It then Sink It" are placed in the schools to encourage students to recycle. This helps develop environmentally responsible habits early on that protect the environment now and in the future.




The plastic used to package milk at Gustafson's is more favorable for recycling than the paperboard cartons used by many processors. Paperboard milk cartons have polycoated layers. These layers are used to protect milk freshness, but are detrimental to the recycling process. The recycled end product of these paper cartons serve a limited market at a low price. The recycling picture is much brighter for the plastic used at Gustafson's. When this plastic is recycled it has the highest value of any recycled plastic and demand exceeds supply.  Translation - it's not in landfills; it is actually being re-used. 


The Future

You can be certain that Gustafson's LLC will continue to seek additional ways to protect the earth's resources.

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