Health Claims & Benefits

Milk is naturally loaded with nutrients like no other beverage. According to the US Department of Agriculture, people who have a diet rich in milk and milk products can reduce the risk of low bone mass throughout their lives. Milk provides nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of your body, including calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein.



Strong muscles are here to stay! Every glass of Gustafson milk contains 8 grams of natural protein that help build and maintain lean muscle.


Bones and Teeth

Drink your way to stronger bones and teeth! Gustafson milk contains: calcium, Vitamin D and phosphorus, the bone-building trio that helps promote and maintain strong bones.Getting your 30% Daily Value of calcium can also help reduce the risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis.



Just the oomph you need to power through the day! With 25% Daily Value of Vitamin D, milk is a great source of energy for your active family. Research shows that Vitamin D can help support a healthy heart, normal blood pressure, healthy aging and help regulate your immune system.


Protein and Calories

Milk provides the nutrients your body needs to look and feel its best! The protein in milk can build muscle to help you stay toned and fit. Plus, Gustafson offers a variety of milk products to fit the needs of calorie conscious consumers:

  • Skim milk: 8g protein - 90 calories
  • 1% milk: 8g protein - 100 calories
  • 2% milk: 8g protein - 125 calories


Daily Dairy

Every sip helps promote good health! Milk contains nine essential nutrients that are the basis of a healthy diet, and every glass of Gustafson milk contains 33% of your recommended daily dairy intake.

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