Why Local is Better

Family Owned Farms
The farmers producing Gustafson milk today uphold the reputation for quality, taste and dependability that originated with Mama and Papa Gustafson over a century ago. In keeping with tradition, most of "our farmers" are family farms, where the entire family works together to care for the animals and the land. Because they work with the animals themselves, the cows are treated well; in fact many of the farms raise their calves from birth until they are productive adults in the herd.


The Freshest Milk You Can Buy
When you choose Gustafson Milk you can be certain that you are you are drinking the freshest milk you can buy, and in the case of milk, "Fresher is Better!" The farmers who supply Gustafson milk are almost exclusively local farmers so the milk can be in your refrigerator at record speed. In fact, in many cases our milk can be on your table in less than a day and a half after leaving the farm! That's as fresh as you can get -- and a delicious advantage of buying local! The fresher the milk, the better it tastes and the healthier it is for your family.


We Care About Our Land and the Environment
Our farmers are dedicated to exercising responsible stewardship of the land and the environment -- they contribute to your communities, and they are your neighbors. They comply with production regulations set by the state and federal government and are inspected regularly to ensure compliance. All of these measures are in place to assure you, our valued customer, that Gustafson milk is fresh and safe for you and your family.


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